Friday, April 17, 2015

Mortal Kombat X: Mileena's War Camp

      This was a fun project, I was tasked with developing the look of Mileena's traveling war camp. I wanted to introduce traditionally Sci-fi forms or silhouettes into the template of barbarian/older technology. The elements all had to look like they could be easily assembled and disassembled since the camp needed to be easily mobile. So the designs feature a lot of cut lines, ropes and caps that hint at areas of attachment/detachment . That said they couldn't be too clean or clever since we decided the Tarkatan soldiers in this camp would be on the rougher side. The tents and chest can be spotted in story mode from what I have heard. Not sure if the war wagon made it into the game or not, a couple of things were cut or changed.

(The war wagon render with some line work call outs.)

     Again, working with Pav helped push this designs along since I was out of my comfort zone having not done a lot of vehicle work. For the turnaround I utilized a very rough 3D block out to establish a clean perspective so my time can be spent focusing on detail and functional information. I did quick line work over the 3D render then removed it. In the future I need to be smarter about this tool and utilized it for lighting as well.

(Thumbnails for the wagon. After reviewing these the plan was to do two wagons, a large war wagon with a smaller wagon if time permits. Time was a jerk and didn't permit.)

(Some quick sketches and notes on the objects that populate the camp as well as a sketch of the tent interiors.)

     The secondary elements were fun but designs and rendering are hurt from the lack of attention. The first week of development I worked under a long term deadline but that changed. The priority for the environment was bumped up after the first week. The production plan laid out had to change to accommodate the new deadline, which meant the secondary items didn't get as much attention as I would've liked. There is only so much time and room in the budget to justify spending hours on assets that will not be shown front and center.
     Shifting deadlines can be discouraging, but there is a part of me that likes being under the gun. It is a different kind of challenge. It calls for you to really push problem solving skills and the ability to test all that you have learned up until that point.

(Chest for an amulate, protected in Mileena's war camp.)

     There was a exhausting balance required when producing concepts. It is important to try and out due the last concept, however deadlines can make that a difficult task. Often times in order to push beyond my limits and improve each piece, it required many late nights of painting. There are a  lot of tricks and philosophies which gives abilities a bump but I'm quickly learning that mileage is not something you can shortcut.
    Words are done now, pardon any grammar errors. I'm grinding to get the next wave of personal work done so hopefully I can show that soon. OH MY GOD THAT STAR WARS TRAILER!!!!!!!!!!!

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