Monday, October 6, 2014

A Probably Fun Thing I Will Supposedly Do Again

     This is an older sketch I did to play around with stylizing an animal while still maintaining some illusion of accuracy in anatomy. The was a simple painting, but it is the beginning of changing my approach to studies and digital painting in general. Instead of literal studies, I started doing more where I change quite a bit, stylizing, changing context and adding objects. The occasional one to one studies are good, but the challenge of painting the essence of something has been fun. Although this piece is not particularly impressive, it is a bit of a landmark in progress. Things began to shift in a new direction afterward.

(The progress of the painting. I definitely lost some of the energy in the initial sketch which is common when having to slow down the technical aspect and worrying about the execution of rendering. If this were something I was spent more time on, I would maintain the movement and flow in the lines that create the front feet as well as the mouth. As well as push the variation in clor temperature.)

 (I initially did this as a final, but the whole thing had an off/odd feel so the final composition reinforces that. I think the composition of this one works better as a poster feel.)

      This hopefully will be the first of many posts as I have quite a hefty bag log of work I have done and locked away. I am currently in the process of revamping my portfolio so a lot of work will be polished up and hopefully fit for posting. 

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