Monday, February 10, 2014

Figure Drawing and Painting - More Practice

     It has been awhile since my last post due to numerous things keeping me busy. Here are the results of my latest figure sessions. Hopefully I will have a few imagined pieces posted before the end of the month. I tend to start 10 different things at once which leads to a whack-a-mole sort of scenario, but not nearly as entertaining. Although I never enjoyed whack-a-mole, but that is besides the point.
    At the moment I am a little over my head with barbarians, aliens, spaceships, demons and all types of nonsense. I need to narrow the focus a bit and even cut loose some promising pieces. This will allow me to put more time into a few pieces and getting more out of it. Once I do that there should be a flood of content, including some sketches for the upcoming comic project I have been working in for some time. So here are something to look at in the mean time.

(Painted from reference. Practiced rendering different materials. I added the wires from imagination in order to understand the forms better. They are a bit off but helped my brain think in terms of a 3D space.)

(Many random sketches and renders.)

       These sessions have definitely made a difference, a shift in approach is necessary though. At this point I really need to start pushing my imagination and testing my ability to truly understand the forms. This can be done by getting the pose down then doing multiple layers of imagined clothing to practice how fabric will fold and drape over the body. That or start doing some sessions with figures wearing clothing from different time periods. Also pushing the detail of the rendering and focusing on the muscle groups will give my anatomy understanding a boost. Outside of that, I need to find another source outside of the web tool I use, there isn't enough variety of body types in the gallery. That can be solved by collecting more reference photos and ultimately, finding live sessions.
     Bottom line is the goal for the next few months is to keep pushing at my limits and transition the lessons learned into imagined concepts. This is a bit of a boring post, I promise monsters, aliens and weirdos will return to the blog in full force in due time.

Until next time.