Sunday, December 22, 2013

Rough Vehicles and Linework I: Focused Practice and Warm Up

     I usually don't post things so early or quickly but just for the change of pace here are some rough sketches that were finished a few minutes ago. The focus for these were more confident line work, design and perspective. I chose vehicles because that is an area I really need to improve in as I rarely work on them. I started by warming up with simple shapes and silhouettes. While doing that I had some Feng Zhu and Scott Robertson tutorials I went through before working on my own designs. I chose them because I have a particular admiration for the way they use line weight and also their vehicle design.
     The next step for these will be to take a step back and review what needs to be improved. Then move on to the process of reworking the quality of lines and their weight, while re-configuring the secondary design details. After that I will then refine perspective, form and finish the values and atmosphere. From there will be the choice of which one to take to final color and detailing. There is also a heavy influence from Simon Stâlenhag, a bit too much, so I will work to make this more of my own as I progress. Should be fun. I will post the progress in different posts over time rather than drop them all in one entry.

(These started with a series of low opacity silhouettes as if I were working with cool markers on paper. I looked for the forms, visualized them, then began laying down the rough line-work.)

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