Friday, December 13, 2013

Future Farming Now 100% Human Free

(This was done with no grid or line work. It was a way to practice quickly putting paint down and pushing it around until the image starts to come together. I got to this point after almost 3 hours of work.)

     This was a quick color study. I used this to focus on defining form and depth without using line work and working with color from the first stroke. I painted and figured out the subject matter as I went along. So the design isn't the most solid, but I think it works in terms of catching the eye. In the time I gave myself I think it was successful. It could be improved with a little more thought into the vehicle design as it pertains to functionality.  Defining the farm land around it and even placing a supervising farmer or some human figure to provide scale reference would greatly strengthen the composition. The windmills would be more interesting if some of the sci-fi elements accented their design.
     The painting was pushed further with soft bloom effects and also pushing the saturation up with an adjustment layer. Those two elements help the piece pop. I also add a very soft white vignette across the top and a dark vignette across the bottom. This is something anime scenes use a lot and helps reinforce the sense of light from the sky while still drawing the eye inward.

(This was the painting after an hour. after blocking the forms out I started to flesh out more mechanical and atmospheric details.)

(This was the painting after 20-30 minutes. Simple and undefined but it still translates the overall feel of the scene. When compared with the final you see most of the painting is established at this stage.)

     The new focus after this is to take more time on personal pieces. In order to push composition and overall quality even further, 2-3 hour pieces aren't going to cut it. I am simply not good enough yet. So it will take some practice in patience and persistence. It's rare that I take 8-10 hours on a single piece but doing so will push past my current limitations and be much more educational. This will also require a shift in work habits. I currently have about 6-7 long term personal pieces in progress outside of professional work. Some artist can work like that, but it would be better for me if I can cut that number in half and narrow my focus.

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