Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Coming to A Pirate Cove Near You

 (Traces of an environment help build the character more than if it was just standing in an abyss of white space.)

       I had a back story for this character while working on it which helped. Below is an example of a decent but not full character back story I like to have when working on a character:

      The alien migrated to earth from a distance planet and found refuge in the pirate communities of Somalia. Through ruthless tactics and it's natural physical advantage over most humans, it soon rose to power as a infamous crime boss. Often in hiding, it occasionally takes it's hyenas for strolls around the shanty towns, picking victims at random as a ruthless display of power.  Although the rumors it's incredible acts of brutality are believed, no one has ever seen it take action with their own eyes.
       There are occasional whispers that it is in fact not an alien, but a human in a disguise using the alien image to strike the fear of the unknown in people. No one has ever scene it with out it's retro fitted breathing apparatus or ragged clothing hiding most of it's body. Basically it is mysterious as shit and terrifies people.

     This was just a personal piece that is an offshoot of another concept I was working on. I didn't push the rendering as far or even develop the narrative behind it as far as I usually would. This as usual is due to having to squeeze in time between work. It was fun and helped in planning character concepts that reveal a bit of the environment which helps build the narrative.
      If I gave myself more time I would have designed the background elements a little better. This would have really come to life if I populated the street with more foot traffic, peppering in some aliens. The vehicle in the back also could have been a little more fleshed out and numerous. The color pallet was a bit of a step back for me, it is an overall improvement but it could use a little more flare. One last thing I would have done different, REFERENCE! I can be stubborn and need to be better about gathering extensive reference for specific pieces of the concept.

(This study/concept was a victim of a busy schedule. I picked at this for only 30 -40 minutes at a time days to far apart. That is no way to work on something. A lot of good energy fizzled out effecting the final piece.)

    It has been awhile since the last post. I have been working on a lot of 2D pieces as well and picking 3D back up to gear up in that area again. So that said, this month will have a good amount of updates from a bag log of work. Goodbye.

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