Friday, September 20, 2013

One Person's Treasure is Another's Trash

 (This was painted from a collection of reference and subtle use of photo texture for the trash piles and overall texture of the image. Pieces like this are more relaxing as they are more abstract and more about the creative flow. Although the subject matter isn't relaxing it leads to positive mental friction.)

     One day, there is a good chance that wonderful, very expensive phone in your pocket will just be another target for the modern day game of kick the can. Maybe not, I'm guessing when trashed it is taken apart and distributed to both legal and illegal e-waste dumps. At the very least part of it will be kicked by somebody at some point and it will be more or less worthless. In other words, it will soon match the value of a lot of content pushed out through the device.
     It is tragic to look at photos of communities living in poverty, yet they are surrounded by skeletons of the technology that brings a better life people across the globe. E-Waste is a rising health and environmental problem and to no surprise it primarily effects Africa, China and India.

(These are some images that inspired the painting. It just struck me as something that is worth painting. Outside of production and entertainment art, I am finding myself searching out subject matters that fly under the radar. There may be some value keeping these realities in the back of one's head.)

        That said there is no way of completely removing yourself from this system. The reality is many of us are born into fortunate circumstances just as many are born into unfortunate circumstances. The very least we can do is to try and show some awareness and operate with efficiency in our everyday lives.If we keep certain realities in mind it will help promote better living unless of course, you are a scumbag looking to take advantage of people's misfortune.
       It would be nice if we didn't replace perfectly good phone every year because the apple thingy comes out with a new version that takes better selfies and has gold trim. The problem with the world's systems boil down to the problems with us humans as individuals. Maybe overtime if we try to improve the way we operate and think as individuals it will manifest in our larger networks of activity. 

      I believe Billy Bush once said, "Be the change you want to see in the world". Did I get that right? Yeah it was definitely Billy Bush.

Happy Friday Everyone!!