Monday, July 15, 2013

Protest Concept: Composition and Meaning

 (An attempt to create a piece with a very loose but complete feel. The goal was to establish mood and strong composition over detail. )

     After a week of sorting through news updates regarding protests in Turkey and Brazil, inspiration struck. In those countries there was a great amount of anger of increase in transportation fees, poorly allocated finances, the tearing down of green spaces and the dissatisfaction with their governments. It was curious that with the recent wave of news in the United States, there was a surprising lack of anger or any action here at home.
      This is a bit discouraging and in some ways disturbing. Taking to the streets and letting chaos ensue isn't the answer or even necessary, but it would be encouraging to see some protests. Not just emotional protests, but productive and intelligent ones. The system we have does not need to be uprooted, but it could definitely use some pressure from the people. That said, this piece was just a matter of looking at the images from Turkey and Brazil and wondering what it might look like if that level of anger was expressed in our own cities.

 (This was an attempt to track where I was guiding the eye. After updating I would go back and see if anything was knocked off course.)

  (This is a breakdown keeping track of my movements. I tried to have the organic forms in the smoke pillars moving left, while the city structures move against them.)

(I now have an adjustment layer with the saturation at 0 to switch on and off at any time. This allows better control of the images depth as it progress. Even with  this tool I could have done a better job and clearly defining layers of depth.)

     This also served many learning goals. I tried a lot of new techniques with the piece and although it is a little off target, I was able to push myself to a new level of improvement. The composition for this was a heavy focus, not just with the placement of forms but also their movements. This effort to pay more attention to these elements is helping establish a production process that I can carry onto future pieces. It is a mostly from imagination with reference taken from photos and a mirror for specific elements. Rather than build from reference, I fixed from reference. This is an area I need to improve in if I want to get my work to pop more. Reference is something I should be constantly weaving into imaginative forms.
    After writing this blog I realize there is a lot more I can do to improve the piece and I might make a second pass on it next month. At the moment I am conflicted about whether or not to put a cap on it. 

  (The progress as I chugged along. Once the composition was established I moved a lot of the smaller parts around.)

 (A collection of photos I used for inspiration.)

Go Merica!

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