Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Injustice: God's Among Us - Entry I - Harley and Hawk

     So holy crap! My first triple A title shipped happened this year. It was an amazing experience and having grown up a Batman and Superman fan, this title was especially exciting to work on. The first month or so I worked primarily on 3D props for in-game combat. As I got more comfortable, I began working on more concepts and even carrying them through the 3D phase.

     (The pie landmine was a combination of new construction and existing assets. I built the landmine and icing ring, then grabbed the topping and cherry from an existing cupcake grenade.)

     The syringe was the first asset I created. I was nervous about getting things looking polished in a short amount of time. I later found out I was putting too much pressure on myself and I was actually getting things much quicker than they expected or needed. After relaxing a bit things started looking better and production went smoother with less mistakes. The first couple of props were not only about creating game assets, but also learning the studio's pipeline, quality standard and language. Below are some the props I worked on.

 (Another example of a mash up for the sake of saving time but also keeping some stylistic consistency. I built the barrel, hammer and cork and attached it a handle of one her guns that had already been built.)

(At this point I was working extremely fast, knocking out a prop in a day or less. I tried to push resolution and tri counts to the limit to get things looking their best. This prop flashes so fast you literally can only tell its a picture frame. I still stand by the detail on the off chance the designers or cinematic team wanted to use it in a closer shot.)

 (A spike mace that was great practice for modular production . I built one of the spike extensions and duplicated it around. Then adjusted and merged them to save time. The texture is one side mirrored over to saved time and make the most of resolution.)

(This was a surprisingly trickier asset for me. I still need to get better and re-topologizing a sculpt with tools like Topogun. The spikes and their seals created a lot of weird geometry.)

     As always I appreciate anyone taking the time to check the blog out. There will be more props, creatures, characters, concepts and tech art renders in future entries so if you are interested be sure to check back in over the next couple weeks.

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