Monday, May 13, 2013

Weird Butcher: Pushing Rendering and Style

     This was a piece I used to practice line work as well proportions of a stylized character. I was a little bored with it after all so I decided to push it as a piece to practice my rendering of light and any other elements that I stumbled across along the way. I usually concept characters standing in some form of the abyss. I slowly want to work in some environmental elements to help build the character. It helps sell the character and their world (This was some good advice by concept artist Hunter Schulz). As I worked through the rendering process I kept myself open to what direction it might go. This lead to attempts at catching some atmosphere, see where the dust is rendered near the core of the light cast. Additionally I added some overlays to change the presentation to feel like a pseudo old photo, adding some smudge texture, scratches and a more define frame. All little touches to help build the feel of whoever the hell this guy is supposed to be.

  I didn't quite achieve the level of polish and feel I was hoping for. I could have done a better job defining the forms and building up hints of muscle and the pulling of skin in his arms and legs. Although I was pushing towards exaggerated portions, I could have spent more time balancing them better during the sketch phase. The design still seems a bit off to me and could use a better sense of movement across the right side of his body. I also found myself unhappy with some of the detail that is lost in the face and the phone. I could have prevented this with better planning in terms of proportions and  composition would have solved these issues.

It was a little awkawrd working on the piece. I worked on it for an hour or less at a time over the course of a couple weeks. This is not preferred, but things were quite busy between GDC and C2E2. It did however pose an interesting challenge as well as give me time to think about some ideas to play with.

The character design in general was light on story and more about the situation. I wanted to create an image that raised more questions that it answered. Yes he is a butcher who isn't very clean, he works in a dank, dark shop. It must be hot due to the sweat stains. He is a messy butcher due to the stains on his apron. He isn't very careful indicated by the way he is holding the butcher knife and the scars. However, why so much blood? why is he taking a selfie? WHY IS HE RAMBLING INTERNET JARGON?? WHY ARE HIS PANTS AROUND HIS ANKLES??!

So that is about it for this post. Some progress renders can be seen below. I should be posting again shortly. Any feedback is appreciated, it all helps me on my quest to become a better artist with each illustration.

(While working I saved out renders that I felt were proper landmarks of progress. Originally it was planned as a softly rendered character on a white background. It ended up going with a grittier render with hints of an environment.)


  1. Its a good render you added a lot of detail and personality to the character and it shows trough with the design. I defiantly would not want to buy meat from this guy.

    If I had to nit pick there were only 2 parts of the piece that gave me pause. Even though the meat is clearly in the background it "to me" was still competing with the FG character. you have that sickly blue green on the butchers face which pushes it back a little but once again this is me nit picking.

    The other part is the butchers knife catching the light to give of the shine. it just looks out of place to me.

    But once again it looks good the butcher has a clear personality and is the main focuses and nothing is out of place. Good Job Anthony.

  2. Thanks Jeremy, very insightful. I definitely see what you mean with the hanging meat. I think I will go back and adjust it, I think glazing it with some of the dark brown color will drop it back a bit. I painted these from a photo so I think the color and less cartoon style make it pop more than it should.

  3. Very detailed render you have posted, looks nic really good art work.