Friday, March 1, 2013

The Many Faces of Jim Norton

     I was supposed to be better at posting this year. However, I ended up being a bit more busier than I thought. Between the work on the new Box O Zombies game and updating/prepping a back log of pieces for my portfolio, it has been a lot of work. This post features an old break time sketch I re-opened and touched up a bit.
(Final Illustration)

     These are some cartoon sketches of comedian Jim Norton's odd, creepy characters that can be heard on his radio show, Opie and Anthony. What was once a shock jock duo, evolved into a hilarious arena for some of the best comedians and a brutally honest talk radio show covering current events.

     The cartoons are my interpretations of descriptions and a few visuals out there. This was just a simple approach, keeping the flow of the lines loose and keeping colors simple. I added some textures with some photo blends. The cartoons initially were flat colors, but I decided to add a bit of gradient and color shifts. Still undecided whether I like the flat color or varied color better. 

(Progression from block out, to rough sketch, to inking, to first color pass to final color pass)

     Since all the characters are rooted in the comedian himself, I simply started with  a pass on his comedian persona first. From their I pulled over the original sketch and made rough variations in order to transform him into different characters. They were then inked. 

 (Near final inks over rough sketches set at a lower opacity)

The base colors were also copied over to created quick fills before they were modified to fit the character. This was done with the use of saturation and hue sliders. In a way this was an exorcise in creating variation very quickly, utilizing the advantages of digital tools. It was successful in that it was created very quickly. It is a bit of an older illustration, so in that way it feels a little dated. There are a lot of details I probably would do differently now.


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