Monday, March 4, 2013

George Carlin

     This is another sketch that was dusted off and refined for the blog. This was done a little before the Batman illustration I posted in the past. It follows the similar idea of laying in the background and pulling the colors from that using the eye dropper. This time I challenged myself to do a more of a portrait with more of a realistic rendering. This one was picked at briefly here and there. Although it was approached loosely and meant for a little break, I still try to get some practice in technique and interpretation.

     Carlin is one of a handful of artists that provide countless hours of soundtrack while I'm working. I have been listening to him since I was probably too young too. He has had a great influence on me and is the inspiration for a indie comic strip I did from time to time called The Front Row (which can be found here: So it was cool to work on a portrait.

     I chose to go with a a rusty, moderate pallet somewhere in between the lands of orange and yellow. I wanted a warmer temperature to match the feel of Carlin's routines, but I didn't want to overstate it by making the colors too hot. Carlin, although passionate and fiery, always had an underlying calmness. Even if a bit had him flying off the handle, there was always a great sense of control. I tried capturing this by keeping the colors a little subdued. Although, depending on your monitor's color settings it will probably be slightly different than I intended, so my attempt at precision goes to shit. Hopefully it gets the general idea across.

     This a render of some different phases of the painting. I'm still having a bit of trouble transfering the energy of earlier, rough strokes in the final rendering, slowly getting there though. I'm done wasting your time after this...last......word.

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