Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Beware The Gray Ghost!

             I'm back! This is the first post of 2013 with many more to come. The posts came to a grinding halt, but the drawing and painting is at full speed. I have a lot of finished, unfinished and scrapped work to post. Similar to last year, I really hope this blog isn't a waste of anyone's time, although odds are that it is. Either way it really helps me dissect my work, focus on my weakness and improve as an artist. So as usual all honest feedback is welcome.
              I will also be posting the conclusion to the BioHarmonious developer diary series this week. That will be followed by the beginning of a new developer diary series for Box O Zombies: The Game. Then, hopefully, that will lead up to a series on the independent comic that is currently in the works. So hope you enjoy the letters streamed across the page.

The Gray Ghost!

          Although the schedule could be grueling at times, I made sure to take breaks to work on various sketches. Some of them I would poke at for a couple of days when I had time. The idea was to work quickly, work on something fun, expose weaknesses, tackle weakness and explore different approaches. This one revisited the exercise followed when creating The Bat Man illustration. I wanted to see what I could do by creating a background, then building my image only using the color picker. Thought it would be fitting to sketch Batman's child hood hero The Gray Ghost, as portrayed in Tim Sale's fantastic animated series.
             I wanted the pallet to have a smokey quality, but didn't want to go with a straight forward, flat or literal gray interpretation. In order to maintain a vintage feel while still giving the image some energy through color, I decided to work with a subdued, cooler pallet somewhere between slate gray and steel blue. 
              If I decided to put more time into this, I would follow through with my original idea of really pushing the reality of his era. In the animated series, he existed some time during the WWII era from what I can tell. The original idea was the spot light would catch The Gray Ghost holding someone by the collar, with the end of a pistol poking out form his cape. I wanted The Gray Ghost to look a bit guilty as if he was bullying someone, making the situation a little unclear. That way we would look at him a bit uncertain, in the same way a cops demeanor 70 years ago would probably not fly in our time. The slight hint to this is the cigarette in his mouth, which I thought would be funny if part of his legend is him always arriving in clouds of cigarette smoke. Unfortunately, I only allowed my self so much time so I had to move on. Our chain smoking hero will have wait till next time.


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