Monday, November 5, 2012

Cite Soleil School of Music Short Doc

(Cite Soleil School of Music Short Doc from We Rise on Vimeo.)

This is a documentary which features an animation I worked on earlier in the year. It was a fantastic project to work on and the studio that put it together did a great job creating a moving piece of short film. The animated fable opens the film and has a conclusion near the end.

My contributions were to the character and overall visual design in the animated fable. They were created in coordination with the project manager/animation art director Bobby Bailey. They wanted to go with a very simple, crafty looking art style. This was for a sense of style but also for the sake of making animation easier to knock out in such a short time. I have learned so much since then. As I look back at it there is so much I would do different now to really make the art style pop.

I also made some additions and adjustments to the the storyboard in regards to the framing of shots which I really enjoyed. From there, the animator on the team took it to the next level and really made it a successful project. It was a tight turnaround, we had about two weeks to develop the visuals, storyboards and animation. Some more time would have really helped progress the animation quality. However, all the parts when brought together made the short very effective with in the documentary.