Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Summer Draw Challenge Finale: Creepy Back Pains

This will be the final entry for my summer Draw Challenge series, I actually had this done for quite sometime and didn't get around to posting it. It started as a thumbnail for another concept. The thumbnails ended up not progressing do to a change in direction. So I figured I would grab my favorite, progress it and use it as a practicing in painting values and creating a sense of form/texture.

As I worked on it, I started conjuring up visions of the film The Thing in the mushy mass that is my brain. I started to play off that but didn't want to recreate it. So I started incorporating more organic, drier feeling textures over the slimey, sticky forms from the film. If I were to complete it I would continue defining that difference with color and texture. Although it is far from perfect it was exciting to get it to this point, since I completed it, I have seen a direct improvement on the work that followed it. So it may have not turned out the way I want, but I learned a lot from the practice.

So that does it for the Summer Draw challenge, there may be a Halloween one soon. We shall see, if I continue to breathe oxygen, there will be many more posts on the way. Thanks for checking it out and I hope you enjoy my stumbling attempts at becoming a better artist.

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