Thursday, September 27, 2012

Summer Draw Challenge: A Fitting

As another replacement for one of my draw challenges I did an illustration for a Kickstarter project launched by Game Designers Amanda Dittami and Blair Kuhlman. It is called A Fitting. Blair had done some sketches of the character and the game had defined themes. So my approach was to take all those pieces and create my interpretation of the mood and look of the character.

I'm not completely satisfied with the outcome. The biggest issue was my indecision on the direction I wanted to go. As I was working on it I was conflicted on how far I wanted to push the comic book feel. Ultimately that slowed things down. Even further, I initially ran away with the concept a bit. Then talking with Amanda more I realized I was overlooking some key details about the mood and character. When working on something for a limited time, sometimes having a clear workflow laid out makes all the difference.

If I decided to continue working on it I would probably push the exaggeration of the character's posture as well as build up some finer detail to help her pop out more in comparison to the background characters. The audience could look a little more distorted and odd. However, I did have fun with the illustration. It helped me work out some approaches in regards to mixing more realistic postures into stylized figures.

More importantly, the Kickstarter project I did this for is still going and it's not too late to chip in if you like the idea. It is a fun motion controlled game that challenges the player both physically and mentally. It tackles the issue of what pains people will put themselves through to be considered beautiful by the public. You can read all about the Art Installation/Kinect Videogame project over at Donations or just spreading the word would help them greatly.

They will also be holding open play-testing for the game tonight (9/27) in development at 5pm over at the Columbia College IAM Department located at 916 South Wabash, in the project room.

Until next time, or never again depending on what happens between now and then. But when is then if it turns out to be never? Hard to say I guess. So maybe you will see another post and maybe you won't.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Summer Draw Challenge: Something Medieval....kind of..

I continued to mash up the summer draw challenge with other promised illustrations. Friend and fellow Columbia 2011 Graduate Phillip Scholp asked for a contribution to his sketchbook. He collects barbarians. So, although this isn't the illustration, this is a pass on the barbarian I want to create. I treated it like a detailed concept. While working it out, I began watching a new set of tutorials. Rather than work on the provided samples, I decided to use this painting as a testing ground for a new set of techniques. This turned out great in that I was able to smoothly incorporate new tools into my work flow. So it ended up getting worked on much longer than the other challenge entries.

I might revisit this character a few time, as I worked on him I began to develop a story that I liked. So although I think it could use some more defining details to bring the character to life and embed some more history in his visual design, I'm satisfied with the creative inspiration and forward movement it created in my brain. In the meantime it will get logged. For all I know I may open this up awhile from now and despise it.

Stay tuned for more posts or forget you ever saw it. No more words now.