Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Draw Challenge Day 2: Paint Over Concept

The topic for Day 2 is Sci Fi background. I did a standard retro-looking alien invasion scene. I mostly focused on the mood and playing around with technique.

I'm already behind on the challenge so I decided to use a production technique to spit out a rough concept. I did a paint over using a photograph. This way I focus on the mood and the additions and have the perspective blocked out for me in the photo. It is a common technique for film and video game environment concepts. Sometimes they use photos and other times they will block out their scene in 3D and paint over that. I'm not used to doing environments let alone paint overs so it was a very different experience.

I usually focus on creatures and characters so this was a change of gear and a nice break. There is still a lot to be fixed and detailed in the image but for a quick mock up I'm happy with what I got out of it. Quick sketches like this are good with familiarizing yourself with the different challenges of different subject material.  Still have a lot to learn, but with a few more hours I think I could turn the image into something worthwhile. I would definitely push the image further away from the photo.