Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer Draw Challenge Day 1 and 3: Scheming Scientist and Ice Cream

In order to catch up, I combined the Day 1 and 3 topics (scheming scientist and ice cream). As usual with these challenges I feel like I'm leaving it hanging a bit. There are somethings I would like to fix as far as pushing the pose, details in the characters head and some lighting detail. The idea came from the saying that everyone is a scientist as a child in their curious and exploitative demeanor. Then for the scheming part I played off of child mischief and the mischief of an evil scientist. I ended up with a kid fearlessly plucking a scorpion off the ground by it's stinger and then with the slow but steady gears of a child's mind, deciding to hide it in someone's boot (evil part!). Then when Ice cream came up as today's topic, I though it would work nicely if the kid also dumped his cone in the boot, something more expected of a toddler. So with that I am all caught up.

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