Wednesday, April 11, 2012

More Box O Zombies Posters

So I have been scrambling to finish up a few projects as C2E2 nears. It will be the first time I have any representation of my work at such a big convention. Meanwhile I have a handful of other projects starting in the next couples weeks which will be keeping me busy. So posts have been slow lately. However I plan to begin regular updates again.

This week I have a sneak peek at the new Box O Zombies animated-web-comic-youtube-video-thing. Not sure how to categorize it. I won't say much about it but it is taking the series in a different direction and with a little more time to work on it is really a step up in quality. Although I'm sure I will nit pick the hell out of it by the time I am done. Below are the posters that will be in print and handed out at C2E2, so look for the Box O Zombies booth across from the Marvel booth.

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