Monday, February 27, 2012

Sneak Preview: Box O Zombies

Here is a peek at one of my current projects. In the near future I will have another post with a write up, concepts and fully painted sculpt. For now I'm just painting the sculpt.

This was the first time I sculpted to a pose and it was a lot of fun. Still have a lot of areas to improve on (specifically anatomy, facial expression, unique fabric), but I made a lot of progress with this sculpt. I made great strides in improving my posing, gritty detail and clothe sculpting. I also expanded my level of comfort with new Zbrush tools and render settings. I feel pretty good about moving on to my next game character which will be high res.

Anatomy is still very tricky, especially when rendering to pose. Every project I learn you can never have too much reference. However, it can be tricky finding the matching body type. So it is necessary to pull from a lot of sources and use your imagination to bring it together. Sometimes references are of "generic" body types, so it can be challenging to find reference for creating a unique body type that is unusual but still feels like everything is in place.

Another minor challenge is when working on a zombie is pulling up reference for the damage to the skin. I wanted it to be as effective as possible so that involved pulling up some gruesome images of wounds. It is disturbing at first, but like a lot of things as an artist, you look past those hesitations and focus the artwork.

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