Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Old Man Free Sculpt

I spent a little more time on this than usual, about another hour on top of the usual 2 or 3. It is always fun sculpting old skin with all the folds and cracks. I went pretty far before pulling up some reference. I did pretty good with out reference but as usual having something to compare puts it over the top. This was more of a practice sculpt more than a concept. I will begin concepting my next character soon and I used this free sculpt as a warm up.

I approached polypainting a little different. After painting the skin temperatures. I spent some more time to refine the colors, directly incorporating some orange and purple on top of the of the blue, red, red and yellow I usually work into the paint. I also intensified the red in key areas which came out nice. It helped in the lip areas, one I placed the skin paint on I didn't need much to get the lip color down.

I used alphas to create the veins as I have done before, but this time I went in and painting in some specific veins that I had sculpted. I then grabbed some brown and used alphas to put in some blotches. I then proceeded to paint over that with my skin tones. Overall I think for a quick sculpt it came out decent, the color still needs work as well as some of the anatomical portions. Some tweaks to the contrast in skin color as well as touch ups to anatomy portions would really make it pop. Ultimately I feel like I just missed the mark I as going for, but was a great exorcise.

Below is a very brief overview of the sculpts progress from block out to final render.

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