Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Free Sculpt and Poly Paint

These are renders of a sculpt that started with me playing around with a blob in Z Brush for fun. It went from a demon, to soldier, to alien and ended up being this old pioneer looking guy. I cut and slapped layers on until I started to find a silhouette I liked and pushed that until it developed into a stylized bust.  

The sculpt took a little over an hour and a little over an hour for the poly paint. I then went back after showing some people and put a couple more hours into it. I was happy with the result so I had no issue going back and refining it.

As I got a clear vision of what he was going to look like I started thinking of it as a rough concept for a nemesis to my game character I'm currently working on (almost finished with it. I will post it here). It didn't get to far into the territory but the branding on his neck and streak of grayish hairs is a hint of me working that out a bit.

I'm currently rigging and posing my current game character. So once I finalize that I will post up some renders of the new portfolio piece.

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