Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Challenge Day 8: GHOST

A friend of mine requested I do the ghost from the film The Grudge. I was hesitant but after researching I got some cool ideas. Coming off the last sketch my mind started thinking more about Tim Sale's work, as well as the old UPA animation studio. I always admired both styles in the ability to use minimal line and detail to create such rich imagery. I have always leaned heavily on line work but I wanted to to something different. So I followed the stream of influence again and while there

While there I figured since it was originally a Japanese film, I would see if I could draw inspiration from old Japanese ink paintings. It seemed like two obvious of a direction, but after looking at some it worked really well with the Tim Sale inspired approach. So I went with it. I ended up mocking up two slightly different versions of the concept because I wasn't sure which one I liked best. I imagined the white hair one is what it looks like as it goes in for the kill, after the kill it goes back to its black hair.

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