Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween Challenge Day 7: MONSTER

I decided to go with Frankenstein's monster. I read up a little on the original story, drew from memory and also tapped into another character who is very much inspired by the old tale, the Hulk. For the sake of changing pace I didn't go for creepy or scary so much. I decided to go with a simpler more cartoon art style. Inspired by the Mummy piece I again pushed to use as little colors as possible and still create a dynamic sketch.

As far as the monster himself, I also found my brain reminiscing on The Iron Giant. Yet another Frankenstein inspired story. So I wanted to give the beast a hulking, powerful and almost mechanical feel. Meanwhile, I wanted to give him a level of innocence and curiosity in the world that he is seeing for the first time. The Iron Giant did a great job of this in there film. Although he would wreak havoc when pissed off, like the Iron Giant I would imagine most of his time the monster would wonder the wilderness amazed by the life around him.

Originally I had his hand reaching for the lightening bug soaked in blood. I thought it would be a cool and unsettling detail that would be jarring in an otherwise peaceful scene. I took it out because I didn't like the way the color of the blood worked in the scene as it is now. I also figured I would take a break from the gore for this one. Although I probably would revisit the idea if I took the concept further.

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