Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween Challenge Day 5: JACK O LATERN

Today's challenge was open for interpretation so I continued tackling the redesigning of film characters. I decided to sketch up my take of the Pumpkin King (also known as Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas). The concept is based off of the Pumpkin King outfit he wears in the film. I figured the King of Pumpkins should be some kind of Pumpkin creature. So grabbing influence from Tim Burton's character I created my concept, mixed in was a bit of influence from Todd McFarland's style, specifically in his character called Violator. Likewise I pushed it into a darker more creepy territory instead of going with a kid friendly design. I imagine this thing is chained to a tree in some remote pumpkin patch. As people pass unexpectedly it snatches them up. Not so much a force of evil but a creature that is starving and imprisoned.

I decided to reference old wood etching illustrations in the presentation to build up the mythical feel of the character. It seemed to fit in the old creepier tales of witches and ghosts that at one point were seen as carrying a kernel of truth. While working in this creative space it started to connect with The Peanut's Great Pumpkin cartoon and the myth the kids were chasing. So as I have been doing with these sketches I embraced the creative link and had some fun with that.

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