Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween Challenge Day 4: CLOWN

Since this day's challenge is a clown, I decided to sketch up  Bob Gray aka Penny wise from Stephen King's IT. In the book and films the clown is the favorite manifestation of a force of evil that has been around the universe for millions of years. It truest form that human can handle is that of a female spider. So I thought it would be interesting to stack on yet another common phobia and have spiders that take a liking to him even in his Clown form.

There are many types of creepy clowns, but I went with the route of just some creepy, burnt out guy who chains smokes and hates his life. I thought the hint of reality would help bring the concept together in terms of the creepiness factor. I also looked at some Alvin Schwartz pieces for inspiration. I didn't quite capture it to the degree I would like but I think I was able to achieve it in the background and some of the wispy line work in the hair and eye ball veins.

 I didn't make it a prominent feature, but rather than have his characteristic claws I gave him really long, sharp fingernails. People seem to be grossed out by freakishly long nails so I guess I continued to pile it on. I thought it would be more effective to just some huge monster claw that wouldn't get under people's skin the same way.

Oh and yes, the eyeball has teeth marks as if he started to bite into hit. He eats eyeballs, because I thought it would be awful knowing he is out for your eyeballs.

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