Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Challenge Day 13: Vampire

I started by researching some of the origins of the fictional character of Dracula. This lead me to Nasfaratu which I intended. This then lead me to  Shadow of the Vampire. The tense, hunched posture and long sharp nails of the vampire were something I wanted in this concept. I interpreted the posture as a pose and kept the nails, but made them sharper and more claw like.

The dark, dirty and strange mood of the character in these films is something else I tried to maintain. I decided to change the vampire from male to female. I wanted a more flowing silhouette and smoother figure to contrast with the gritty style of art and awkward demeanor of the character. I thought that would create a nice balance. I also found a great pose in my figure drawing library that was exactly what I was looking for. It could be interpreted as creepy but was also not clearly aggressive or passive. It had a nice balance. This fed the inspiration and the decision to stay with the female piece, as well as not cover the body, encompasses everything mentioned.

The composition was partly inspired by Andrew Jones who is a phenomenal artist and an artist aspire to rival with the quality of my work in the future. His work  has a feel of chaotic harmony, an organized mess. So this approach pushed me into a fine art mindset.The result is a piece that became part concept that had fun injecting some deeper meaning into. I'll spare explanations of meaning. I don't want to take the focus away from the concept. If it were a final piece maybe I would find the proper arena and talk about it more.

If I were to go forward with the concept I would explore the idea of branding tattoos on the character and explore some cool designs there. I also would show the face more and rework the features of Nasfaratu. I also would revisit the style of the hair and do something that looks like a natural flow but still creates a nice pattern/design.

Here is an abridged look at the stages of the concept as I was working it out. thought people my find it cool to see. It starts as the point I figured out my pose and composition, there are a few rough sketches that I started with that aren't included.

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