Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Challenge Day 12: ZOMBIE (Micheal Myers)

I am all Zombie'd out from my current job, so I interpreted this days challenge a bit. Today concept was a mix between the influence of French animators known as Brother's Quay, specifically their film Street of Crocodiles, and more obviously Frank Miller. I decided to go with Miller's more recent aesthetic employed in the Sin City series for the composition.

The Brother's Quay influence is in the gritty, worn down design. Micheal Myers is an unstoppable force of evil. So I wanted him to carry a history of conflict with the nails shot in his arm, cracks on the mask, knife stabbed into his had, dust, torn rags and blood stains. I also wanted to give him, a puppet feel which is why he has a prosthetic hand. I felt it added to the mystery of who he is or what it is. He is meant to feel like a very old, yet trusty tool buried in a tool shed. It may be rusty and scratched up but it still gets the job done.

I emphasized the eeriness of his nature by going with a baby doll type mask over the traditional. This is inspired again by Street of Crocodiles. I wanted to give him a hint of emotion, sometimes children in their lack of understanding of the world can be unstoppable forces of destruction. At times they have one track minds and charge full steam ahead, much like Micheal Myers. I wanted to concept him as a child, trapped in a killer's body. I wanted to explore the idea of dealing with mentally disabled killers, who either kill on accident or as a result of their own mental imbalance. I find that is a great uncomfortable conflict to explore.

Last not is the exclusion of his trademark knife for a broke shard of glass. I thought it felt more organic and fit his worn down nature. He doesn't seem like a planner, so he pushes forward being as resourceful as possible. Along with the nails, torn rags and such, the broken glass becomes a part of him rather than an external weapon.

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