Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Challenge Day 11: WEREWOLF

This concept went well in that I had a plan and as I worked it evolved into something I was satisfied with. This time I took the time do research some reference and inspiration. As I worked I started to develop a brief story around the image which gave it a context that makes it a little more than just a static image.

Originally my version of wolf man was not so much an uncontrollable beast that was inflicted with a curse. Basically he is trapped inside of his own body conscious of everything that is happening while he transforms and the spirit of a vengeful wolf is in the driver seat. I thought that would make for a more interesting conflict. So the spirit uses him as a vehicle to seek revenge on hunters and other unfortunate victims while he watches through his own eyes helplessly. Since wolves most often travel in packs, I decided to include the idea of the werewolf being aided by a pack of spirits that protect him and give the werewolf a new level of power.

Originally I had a much more prevalent spirit included but I changed it to a more subtle hint with the eyes in the back. The style was inspired by Samurai Jack and Bruce Timm's action cartoon style. It evolved and merge in with my flavor a little. However, it is driven by the great sense of movement and defining, almost cut out shape design employed by some of my favorite action cartoons.

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