Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Challenge Day 10: WITCH

Again, kind of a dud in my opinion. Started out strong but fizzled out in terms of the rhythm in putting together a balanced composition. I like the concept a lot, but the overall composition and coloring is darn right ugly. If I were to fix it I would reinterpret the hair and also push the pose into a more exaggerated and stylized presentation.

The concept was a take on the witch from the classic animated film Spirited Away. Rather than create the big headed cartoon like concept, I made a more realistic concept. Rather than having the witch face and big hair, the witch wears a mask and hair piece. The mask is based on the face of the witch from Spirited Away. The hair was inspired by the old Japanese ink painting that depicted a witch with big and wild hair.

I also included ideas of fire sorcery and myths of witches dancing in the forest at night. I illustrated it so it is unclear where the clothes start and stop, so it appears if the body flows right into the fabric. I thought that would add a level of mystery. It also plays on witches, in some cases, being a concept that seemingly spawns from misunderstanding and fear of woman. I didn't delve to deep into it with this concept but it is a starting point. I would probably continue down that path if I moved this forward.

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