Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween Challenge Day 1: PINHEAD

I almost missed Day 1! I was just about to call it a day and the fact that it was the first day of the challenge popped in my head so I got to work.

First thing I did was pull up reference images of Pinhead. I started to sketch then realized I wanted to to do something different and use this challenge as an opportunity to play around with design and art styles. I went to Wikipedia and looked up the original concepts and ideas behind Pinhead. Turns out Clive Barker was heavily inspired by African fetish dolls. So back to Google I went and looked at some of these relics.

For this rough concept I decided to go to his roots and reestablish the African sculpture influence. I pushed the silhouette further by going with a mismatched arrangement of pins/ nails in his head as well as giving him neck rings. I also mixed his piercings up to have some look intentional and others look as if they were part of a torture. The face paint and red eyes were to try and up the creepiness factor. At some point I pulled up Darth Maul because I always liked his teeth, so I used his design for a bit of inspiration as well.

Not really satisfied with the sketch up, but I do like the direction it is going in in terms of the concept. May have to revisit this for a future sculpt.

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